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Bureaucracy and creativity aren’t exactly a dream team, and keeping the insidious creep of complexity out of an ever-expanding business can’t be left to chance.


Frankly has always been known for straightforward thinking and acting, and we’re determined not to lose that.


As we expand both in number and clientele this way of working will be challenged, but we pledge to ensure that every one of us feels empowered and free to be the best version of ourselves.


To this end we have a structure for onboarding and knowledge sharing about our clients, clear guidance for navigating Frankly systems, and a weekly company-wide meeting with a short, sharp format to keep everyone energised.


On top of this, regular, engaging sessions based around the Frankly Love Letter – our company principles to ensure we get the best and bring out the best – will give everyone the chance to share experiences, support each other and have their voices heard.



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