Culturally diverse, culturally strong


We are a tight-knit group of 80ish people from 19 different countries. A diversified workforce with different skills, backgrounds, and perspectives as an essential factor for our social and innovative strengths.


We primarily work with international brands within the industrial, med-tech and financial sectors – and grab their problems by the horns with creative curiosity and confidence.

All Franklies on a class photo in front of the Marble Church in Copenhagen

This is us.

The Beatles said it best...


All you need is love. And nothing shouts love louder than…a love letter.


We write love letters. While they might not be the kind we anonymously wrote to our childhood crush, they hold tremendous value. Love letters at Frankly mean sharing the principles of working together. It’s about sharing what we do and how we do it in a way that gets people to clearly visualize the quality and value we provide when we huddle up.

But why the love letter format – you ask? Simply because a love letter is the best way to confirm the importance of a relationship.

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To learn and to GROW


Our GROW programs are designed and developed to encourage improvement and foster growth for our workforce. They are like tailor-made roadmaps for individual success, a critical factor for collective success. GROW at Frankly is about setting personal development goals and articulating hopes, ambitions, and aspirations for the future to come.

A polaroid photo with the Frankly Web logo in it



Once upon a time… in 2006



Here’s a story about a sound four-some, strong aspirations, and a centuries-old newspaper.

Frankly emerged from the shadows in 2006, initially as a web agency with film production in the mix. The founding father, Frank Thomsen, came from a career in filmmaking before turning to digital.


Shortly after tying knots and hoisting the sails, Nicolai Wichmann and Jesper Strøm Madsen got on board – collectively to form the hull of Frankly.




As we all know, there’s no real dot-com without reliable techy stuff built into it. So in 2008, Chris Pedersen was brought in to add stronger technological capabilities as an essential factor for competitive advantage.


And then, they were four.


After an eventful and prosperous decade as a creative, content-focused, full-service agency in the web business, ambitions arose, and we felt the need to grow.


Adding expertise and horsepower to our account team, Klavs Valskov joined the team in 2017. To help recalibrate our compass and push Frankly towards a new beginning, a fresh objective: solving problems and relieving communicative pain points for a global industrial clientele – with creativity, curiosity, strategy, and digital thinking as our weapons of choice.


The question is . . . what’s next? And only tomorrow can tell.