Culturally diverse,
Culturally strong

Class photo of Frankly 2023

This is what we look like


We’re a talented bunch of beings from 19 different countries – a delightful mix of techies, designers, marketers, and overachievers with a shared appreciation for tacos, Fleetwood Mac, and random pillow fights.

Running club – a pair of running shoes, the running club logo and a label saying average run 5 km

Running man – not just for dancefloors


Don’t let the name fool you, our running club is open to everyone, including the Slow and Chill.  


Every year, we participate in the annual running festival DHL Stafetten race in Copenhagen. From a Frankly perspective, all paces are welcome. From the fast and furious to the unrushed and chilled. We run for fun, health, nourished minds, and better brains – not for gold.


Ultimately, it’s about getting out in the fresh air and doing something healthy together. And Healthy People is one of our 9 Commitments for a healthy, kind, and meaningful work culture.


Learn about our 9 Commitments

Red wine glass on a sandy coloured background
Frankly Wine Club logo



Life’s too short for slow internet and bad wines. Luckily, we’re well-connected.


Every now and then, our in-house wine virtuoso walks us through all things wine. We learn loads and drink a responsible amount. After all, wine flies when you’re having fun.


Nota bene: We also host an occasional beer tasting. Quality over quantity, obviously.

Celebrations galore


Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or a colleague off to new adventures, we always do our utmost to pay the perfect tribute and come up with cool, creative sh** in honour of the person in question.


Sometimes we even make cool stuff in their honour!

Poster of Eriksen's 50-year old birthday and an illustration of a women
Illustration of a women
Like personalized portraits, for example 🎨
Lord of The Rings sword Anduril, sword of king Elessar, regular edition
When Franklies leave us to embark on a new adventure,
we give them a heavy-duty,
Lord-of-the-Rings sword! 👁🌋
Certificate of Immortality

The bar is open


We uphold the sacred Danish concept known as “Friday bar". An ancient tradition. One steeped in myth and ritual – but usually just nurtured by the simple pleasures of sipping, nibbling, and mingling.


Friends, family, and significant others are welcome.

Sign of Frankly Samuel's Friday Bar at the Frankly office
Cork stopper
Employee with a monster suit on. Standing in front of a door blocked with tape saying crime scene.

Party like it's…!


A sick company party is the best kind of team building. HR-approved statement.


We throw parties like circus impalement artists throw knives – with style and precision. And we always practice the "come as you are...or who you want to be" approach.

Halloween group photo of Frankly

The Beatles said it best...


All you need is love. And nothing shouts love louder than…a love letter.


We write love letters. While they might not be the kind we anonymously wrote to our childhood crush, they hold tremendous value.


It’s a declaration. A tribute to everything that makes us who we are. The things we value. Things like diversity, inclusion, acceptance, kindness. But why the love letter format – you ask? Simply because a love letter is the best way to confirm the importance of a relationship.



Love Letter posters at the Frankly office

To learn and to GROW


Our GROW programs are designed and developed to encourage improvement and foster growth for our workforce. They are like tailor-made roadmaps for individual success, a critical factor for collective success.


GROW at Frankly is about setting personal development goals and articulating hopes, ambitions, and aspirations for the future to come.

Sometimes we enjoy a little 🍦 in the ☀️

❤️ We also like ❤️


Animals, dancing, golf, music, reading, sailing, skiing, drawing, travel, videogames and a whole lot more.

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