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Pin - Healthy people

For an inclusive work environment to work well, you need your people to feel respected, valued and taken care of – wherever they’re based.

In other words, you need healthy people.


So what does unhealthy look like? We think it looks like not using your holiday entitlement; like regularly needing sick days, feeling disengaged from your colleagues and postponing or stressing about family commitments because they don’t fit with your work life.


This is why all Frankly people in all markets will soon be entitled to our Frankly CARE package, world-leading Danish levels of parental leave, pension entitlement and health insurance.


It is why we insist that 100% of all holiday entitlement be booked – and taken!


And it’s why we aim to have max four sick days per person. Not because we’re the flu police, but because across-the-board we want our people to feel healthy and supported in body and mind.


Add a bunch of social groups and activities to this, with regular get-togethers for employees both remote and in-office, and we like to think we have a sound basis for Frankly people to be healthy people.



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