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As One Frankly

Pin - As One Frankly

There’s no denying it; we want to be one of the best damn places to work.


And that goes for everyone – employees, freelancers, contract workers, etc. Like cinnamon, we are on a roll and have a good thing going on. But you can never do too much to make everyone feel welcomed and appreciated. Make everyone feel “as one Frankly”.


So, we asked ourselves: what can be done in 2023 to achieve this?


First and foremost, we are implementing ground rules about what it means to work at Frankly. As we are growing exponentially, we need a set of standards to ensure a motivating working environment that responds to individual needs in the best way possible. We will do a lot more in onboarding freelancers and contract workers – to ensure they feel like respected crew members while they are here. We want to establish stronger relationships and ensure we are on a first-name basis with our suppliers. We even plan to add them to our "Hi you, this is everyone" photo wall and invite them to some of our many events.


Welcome to Frankly.



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