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Act Responsibly

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Responsibility is a virtue, not a burden


We already see ourselves as people of good behaviour, but improvements are still possible. We have developed two annual goals that fit our profile and where we can improve.


One goal is to reduce catering food waste. Overloaded buffets and food waste are major issues in many office environments. Well, not on our watch. We are fans and avid users of Officely, an extension to our preferred communication platform Slack. With Officely, our office manager knows exactly who’s around and who’s not – and can order food accordingly.


In case of leftovers, we store them in our office kitchen for Frankly's to enjoy during the day. Luckily, there are always hungry people around in our team. We even encourage employees to doggy bag leftover food and bring it home to their friends and families. Who doesn’t like a zero-effort meal?


We have assembled a group of Frankly’s to look closely at relevant improvements on the EcoVadis scoreboard.



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