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Good craftsmanship stands the test of time


Nothing says quality like dedication, experience and an eye for detail. This was the starting point for a new digital branding campaign we developed for Nordea Invest, one of Denmark's largest asset managers – and rolled out on the basis of an extensive and strategically-driven social media effort.


Because good content, if not marketed well, won't take you anywhere.

That lead character


The campaign primum mobile was an emotional branding film reflecting Denmark's cultural-historical tradition of good craftsmanship and its great symbolic and identity-creating importance. It's carried forward by a mixture of pathos, melancholy and grandeur, enhanced by a custom-tailored sound profile.

The film won us Platinum in the category “Non-Broadcast | Short Form Web Videos < 3 Minutes” at the 2023 edition of Viddy Awards, an annually held competition honouring video excellence in a digital world.

To support the branding film, we produced a bunch of short explainer films, each with its own story about Nordea Invest's activities. In multi-format carefully adapted to each individual channel, obviously.

The campaign aimed to create a new value proposition: a commitment to quality and innovation ultimately makes the best and most long-lasting products.

This also applies when investing.


No reach without a well-defined marketing strategy


We designed a strategic sequencing flow on all leading social channels for the roll-out. This allowed us to qualify and build a relevant audience. In parallel, we ran an independent track with secondary content, such as still images and video clips.


We took advantage of the Facebook and Instagram ad format Instant Experience, where we could create catchy microsites without removing the user from their website – thereby achieving additional engagement in the form of immersion and consumption of more content.

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