The wrapping is as valuable as the present inside


It's quite simple; a good design will make you look good and help you to stand out from the competition. Design can lift any marketing campaign and communication activity to new levels. The right design requires creativity, ingenuity, and analytical rigour. It’s about identifying and understanding the vision for the design and the long-term goals that the client wants to achieve. Needless to say, design is not everyone's forte.

Design present

Why is design important


Some still think that design is about just making things look pretty. But design is as much about aesthetics as it is a science. Design always considers how and why people are motivated to take action. And shapes and colours alone don’t cut it. Human behaviour and decision-making are much more complex than that.

Luckily ...


In the digital sphere, just as in the brick-and-mortar world, items will sell themselves when the decor and layout are strategically planned and executed down to the last-minute detail. When it's not, even the best product will sit on its shelf, gathering dust. When a store appeals to our senses, plays with our emotions and brings us the answers we seek, we feel happy and motivated. And we come back. And that’s all a design thing. The design builds great relationships and success that last.


We address design with a humble and honest approach and great respect for heritage and tradition.


Designing is only sometimes about making something from scratch. Many established brands already have established brand guidelines and standards, a fixed colour palette, typography, iconography, and logos.


A good designer can build on or make something different from what is already there. Like old-fashioned turntable DJs that reuse already recorded material, loop it, slice it, splice it, and apply it to make new, exciting stuff.

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