Technology is the word


Today, technology is not just a useful servant; it has become a necessary prerequisite for the interaction between businesses and their customers. 


When used right, technology can extend the reach of your marketing and sales effort, not just by delivering the right message at the right time to your customers but also helping the following conversation with your sales team and retaining customers via tools, learning and self-service.

At Frankly, we see technology as a means to an end; we never implement technology alone for the sake of technology but always see it in the business context.


Understanding the technology landscape of our clients is one of our core pillars. The last thing you need when launching a new marketing or sales solution is for IT or legal to block you just before the finish line.


We are a diverse bunch of people that love to work with the newest framework just as much as we love figuring out how we get data from your legacy system to the front page of your website.



And now to the tech bingo …


We work with .net, PHP and JavaScript, covering around 80% of the world's code base (sorry, no Java here). We like to lean into the new but don’t want to be trailblazers, most of our work has lifespans measured in years, and we don’t want to get stuck on the latest unsupported fad.

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