Why all the hype with content?


Having the right digital tools is essential to support your business and stay agile. But without engaging and relevant content, you are dead in the water.


"Content is king"


Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote this in 1996 as a nod to the world wide web as a future marketplace for content.

If you're doing online marketing, there are better options than compromising on content. Content not only has the power to tell your story and uniquely establish your brand. It’s pivotal to improve performance and Google ranking, generate leads and boost conversion rates.

In other words, companies and websites with the most robust content win the crowd and win the internet.

Yes, you could do it yourself, or …

The main point of outsourcing content production to a trusted agency partner is to save time on content research and actual writing, improve consistency, and ensure bias doesn’t creep in to infuse the message with personal feelings and emotions.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but usually, the audience is less excited about your company and offerings than you are. No matter how hard you worked to get where you are or how many wrong turns you took along the way. Customers just want to know how your service can make their lives easier or help them achieve their goals.

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