Gut feeling – it's more than a feeling


Let’s talk about user experience (UX). At its core, UX is about the experiences between the users and your offerings. It’s about designing the perfect user flow by combining different elements in the right order.


UX is important as it always seeks to make the user happy when dealing with you digitally.

Regardless of if you're a B2B or B2C, your business is not about you. It never was. Its raison d'etre is the user. And because of that, UX is very much an empathy-driven craft. Not data-driven, not objective, not a “one-fits-all" concept.


Designing effective UX requires human intelligence. It comes down to instinctive emotions and gut feelings about user needs, wants, values, and psychology. About what appeals to the human senses. We are all familiar with that gut feeling, yet it’s hard to quantify and explain. It’s that inner voice that knows our expertise by heart and helps guide decisions. Once we are comfortable and confident with it, it’s more powerful than just intuition and logic.

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