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Nordea is one of the most prominent financial institutes in the Nordics. With such a status comes a huge responsibility to stand out from the crowd and look good online.

Their website at the time was fully functioning but somewhat of a fixer-upper built in a complex, hard-to-navigate platform. Nordea kindly asked us to create something new from what was already there while improving it with everything we’ve got. Something true to the brand that people will love to visit and use. Something that delights, excites and converts.

Obviously, we accepted the challenge with gusto.

We started by redesigning, reorganising, and rebuilding the website to give it a more modern and stylish look. And to make it scalable to perform seamlessly and friction-free on any mobile device.

Then came the true test of skills.

We moved all existing content to a new and more user-friendly content management system for Nordea’s digital team to manage the website with grace and great ease going forward – and we ensured everything made the trip with no physical damage. graphics

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