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A new tomorrow for AI?


You might already know that the human society of today is increasingly inspired and challenged by a tech realm that is never static; that evolves and matures at a speed unimaginable only a few years ago.

But you might not know that tech conglomerate Meta has actually focused on promoting meaningful and safe artificial intelligence (AI) as well as conducting open research in this particular field to encourage more transparency and regulatory standardisation in the way we work with AI, especially in decision-making.


Presenting, Open Loop.


In short, Open Loop is a collaborative initiative that develops policy recommendations around the use of AI technology. All empirical-based, it’s supported by Meta as part of its ambition to shape the regulatory debate around emerging technologies – and create a better understanding of how these should act and be regulated.


What does this have to do with us? In close collaboration with the Meta team, we came up with the name Open Loop and a complete verbal strategy: the narrative and the messaging.


It started with a blank canvas and the license to be imaginative and explorative. With the client by our side throughout the whole ride – seemingly armed with great courage and trust in our instincts and thinking – we designed and built a highly conceptualised online hub, colourful and playful, with a simplified user interface. By that, we mean large, descriptive headlines, easy-to-skim body copy, and easy navigation options.


The client described the collab as “unbounded and inherently creative”. What came from it was “pretty unique when you think of the typical relationship between client and agency”—also words from the client.

Mobile site of Open Loop
Image of an Open Loop report

To explain and make the user become familiar with exhausting terms such as "regulatory innovation", "experimental governance", and "guidance frameworks", we created a handful of animated, one-minute films breaking down all the complex compounds.


We dare you to have a look at how it all turned out.


If you don't quite feel like browsing the website, allow us to demonstrate how we explained the background and purpose of the Open Loop initiative – with this animated film:

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