Strategy is everything – everything is strategy


From baking to banking, sports, construction and beyond, strategy is important. Even if you think you don't have a strategy, you do. It just might not be the most effective one.

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Creating a strategy is the first step. It's the foundation you need to put down before laying the bricks for a successful campaign. And honouring the strategy requires discipline and commitment.

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Concept: Making Strategy Human


Strategy should be for everyone. Especially when we think about large organisations – usually, it isn’t the top leadership team that will be the execution power of the strategy; it lives deep within the organisation with many of the teams day-to-day. But if they don’t understand it, how can they ever adopt and live it?


For everyone means, the strategy doesn’t just live at the exec level, even though it might have been hatched there. Here are some ways to make it everyone's property and thus everyone's responsibility:


1) Make it simple
A strategy should be easy to understand and clearly outline the expected output.


2) Make it accessible
Everyone from the CEO to the building support staff should be able to see themselves in it and feel they are contributing to making it happen.


3) Make it fit for purpose
The best solutions fit the need and can be quickly and easily implemented. Strategy development brings simplicity to the chaos, but that also means delivering equally simple output.

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