Copy – not just a 'bunch of words'


Good copy makes a difference across the web and is one of the best investments marketers can make. There, we said it.


Copywriting is the art of creating persuasive content for marketing, advertising, or promotions – with the ultimate goal of generating conversions and sales through the written word.


It’s not about going all Hemingway or Faulkner on pen and paper but crafting plain and easy-to-understand text that makes the reader take some form of action.


Usually, to buy a product or subscribe to a service. If a text is easily digestible and fit for purpose, readers will bite.

Concept: The right ingredients make for tasty copy


Like prepping a great meal or mixing a yummy cocktail, the right ingredients – and time and effort – are of the essence in effective copywriting. These are our eight key ingredients for compelling copy:

1. Research

A great deal of the writing process is the preliminary research. It’s easier to write when you know what you’re talking about.

2. Clarity

Copy isn’t about fine prose; it’s about getting the message across. Using words most people have to look up in the dictionary will make readers opt out before they get to the point.

3. Reader-friendliness

Copy should be written in a friendly, conversational voice. It should make the reader feel valued, welcomed, clever, and not like an alien.

4. Headlines

The attention-grabbing headline is the secret sauce to attention. No attention, no retention. The subheader has the power to reel the reader in and make them stay till the end.

5. Sincerity

Good copy always puts the readers and their problems (and the solutions) in the spotlight. But …! While copy should be compelling, it should never seek to persuade the reader with loud and overtly sales-y words.

6. Scannability

You only got about 7 seconds to make a good impression, so good copy cuts out the waffle and unnecessary chitchat. It simplifies to amplify – shortly and sweetly.

7. Cheekiness

It’s okay to be different and bold. There are about a billion other marketers out there chasing your prospects. Going down a different road gives you a better opportunity to get their attention.

8. SEO

If you want to be noticed online, Google is your ally. Good copy always takes into account the mythical creature that is SEO.


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