Hero illustration of SAIL'27 logo



We have ignition
. . . and lift-off!


In order to keep the global momentum amongst 45,000 colleagues around its five-year SAIL'27 strategy, beverage consortium Carlsberg tapped us on the shoulders and asked us to create an engaging and exciting global launch moment and post-launch flow.

How to create an impactful launch during COVID times?

We crafted a new logo and a set of icons – all highly flexible to allow for different use cases, media, and channels. We came up with a bunch of interactive pre-launch, launch, and post-launch content, experiences, and happenings.


Our aim was to create a zealous, out-of-the-box launch that would align with the company's core values and get people on board and excited about the journey.


The whole lot was weaved into a carefully considered roll-out plan – with both a long-term, “Pole star” perspective and monthly "sprints" to keep people inspired on a frequent basis.

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