Bringing sustainability to the fore


The world-leading packaging production company Ardagh has always had a sustainability agenda, but not everyone knew about it. Understandably, they wanted that to change. Enter Frankly, selected by global management consultancy McKinsey to work alongside their client-facing teams to help bring creativity to this (and other) problems.

Ardagh needed us to help them create a Purpose to provide a uniting north star to all their employees, both blue- and white-collar; to support their sustainability agenda and make official the sustainable purpose and meaning to their work; and to let their external partners know beyond doubt that by using Ardagh packaging they’d be contributing to a more sustainable future.


So that’s what we did.


The right thing


Our first task was to pin down Ardagh’s founding and guiding values – the company’s unique pillars. As a company it has a strong heritage: its people and customers feel well taken care of. Ardagh’s packaging is infinitely recyclable, and the company is moving to hybrid furnaces and reducing its use of new materials for production. In a nutshell, it comes down to doing the right thing, by its products, its people and the planet.


People powered, infinitely recyclable packaging, a reliable partner. The answer was staring us in the face…


Ardagh make packaging for good.

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