Going Digital Like a Boss Isn’t a Walk in the Park – Or Is It?

Here are some top trends you should consider in your digital marketing strategy.

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Create a killer website

Digital marketing. You know it’s critical for business growth nowadays. You just don’t know exactly how to hack it. Maybe because the digital marketing industry is growing so fast, keeping up with the latest trends and recent innovation is too challenging and time-consuming – maybe because digital marketing seems so complex that you struggle with where to begin.

Digital marketing sure has a scent of fear surrounding it. But there’s no reason to give in to that fear. It’s not as big and scary a scene as you might make it. You don’t even need to fully understand the hard-to-comprehend industry jargon. A basic beginner’s skill set is plenty to get you started and eventually become a seasoned pro.

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Make more “awesome” videos

Whether you’re creating content for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or even your own website, the video format is a top-tier, incredibly effective digital marketing tool. You can capture and convey loads of information and brand personality with video.

Numerous case studies show that video has a significant impact on sales. Especially for smaller businesses, video is an inexpensive way to level the playing field. Here, being a big business with expensive advertising ideas and spots isn’t necessarily an advantage. Smaller companies with limited means can stand out, too, with even the most straightforward ideas and creativity.

Have a look at the influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a strategic endeavour that orients itself around an influential person – celebrities, journalists, even athletes – with online fame and an audience in a given industry. And let’s be honest, it’s a big deal these days and often referred to as “the golden child” of marketing.

But why? Today’s consumers are cynical. They are not exactly fond of (traditional) ads and use ad blockers like never before. Hence, businesses have to practice marketing a bit differently than before. One critical component is using expensive influencers or less expensive micro-influencers (yes, it’s a thing) to drive customer engagement. According to this article, businesses generate $6.50 in revenue for each $1 invested in influencer marketing.

But be aware! Influencer marketing isn’t right for everyone. Even though numbers are strong, it might not be the right way for you.

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Promote with Instagram

Instagram is currently – without comparison – the social media site of choice for the younger generations. And the platform will continue as a critical player in the marketing industry. With its visual nature, wide range of features and – obviously – 1 billion active users, sellers are drooling over its capabilities.

Instagram is the Swiss Army knife of digital marketing. With Stories, businesses can make themselves relatable to engage with customers effectively. And with shoppable posts, businesses – from the large, well-known ones to one-person operations – can make money directly from Instagram.

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Don’t ignore emails

Reading and sending emails is still one of the most popular activities for smartphone users. So yes, email is here to stay and continues to be a major communication channel. Especially for smaller businesses with limited budgets, email is a very true, convenient, personal and instant way of reaching out to fans, followers and customers. As long as you keep your subscribers happy by providing value to their lives and not just sales or spam to their inboxes, email just might be the most cost-effective marketing solution.

If you do it right, you will most likely reach a point where your subscribers don’t just know and trust you; they look forward with anticipation to your next email.

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