Customize everything – with an API

Basically, an API (Application Program Interface) allows different software applications to share information and work together, even if other developers make them. The API determines how data gets from one place to another – based on pre-programmed commands that will make it do what you want. It’s the messenger that takes a request into the system and then returns with a result. Like a digital waiter who takes your order to the chef and brings you back something delicious – without expecting a tip for the effort.


APIs are used extensively in the tech industry to build, e.g. web services and video games, and in the financial sector to enable secure data exchange between parties. APIs are literally everywhere.


If you have a particular request on how your user-facing web environment should act and react, a custom API integration might just be what you need to solve your problem. With API integration, you take control of every functionality down to the pixel. It might require a bit more tech-know-how to manage, but in return, you get the flexibility to build a website or app that behaves exactly as you imagine.


Within reason, obviously.

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