Video Thrilled the Marketing Star – and Raised the Marketing Bar

By Casper Nielsen
Creative Copycat at Frankly


Video and marketing are more compatible than macaroni and cheese. But don’t shoot blindly. What works for others might not work for you.

Are you ditching videos in your overall marketing effort? Then you might be missing out on some serious business. It’s no secret that video has become a staple in today’s marketing. And for good reason. Video simply outperforms all other marketing tactics. So, if you’re not on board yet, do a Jack and Bobby and hop on board the ship before it leaves the dock.

A well-written pamphlet might be an interesting read, but a well-crafted video with a great narrative is the most effective way to get people to listen and care. Images that move … well, they move. And they stick to the brain like Velcro. They stimulate and motivate in ways the written word can’t on its own. It’s as simple as that.

Here are a few pointers to consider before entering the frontier of video marketing.


1: It could just tell a good story

Product videos don’t just have to be about the product in question. In many cases, great storytelling is the gateway to your viewer’s attention. Obviously, with some products, it is essential to show the item in action. This is particularly important for niche products for a niche audience. But the best product videos focus not on the product itself, but on the people who use it. By bringing a product, a service or even a brand to life, is one the best way to make it relevant for the audience.


2: It could focus on the human aspect

Never underestimate the power of the human touch. Especially in a COVID-19 world where physical connection is nearly non-existent, people ache to be touched in other ways. The human touch occurs when the video reliable and relatable to viewers. Take for instance this touching, tear-jerking video ad from Dutch pharmaceutical company Doc Morris – shared by The Sun, Daily Mail, Metro and lots of other established media organisations.

In this day and age, where videos are everywhere, people love the humanized touch videos can deliver. Obviously, the Doc Morris story goes to great extent to ensure this. But it demonstrates perfectly how the human touch brings about a certain intimacy and elegance, that makes the viewer engage and react – and share.

Which leads us to …


”…If you want your message to spread like wildfire, you want your audience to share it”


3: It could be a shareable piece

If you want your message to spread like wildfire, you want your audience to share it. If by “shareable” you automatically think clickbait videos that rely upon misrepresentative content, you are mistaken. Shareable content can be both original and sincere. Besides, YouTube and Facebook started detecting and down-ranking clickbait videos years ago, so from a marketing perspective there’s no need to go down that road.

Video Thrilled the Marketing Star – and Raised the Marketing Bar

4: It could just get to the point

In many (most) cases, marketing videos should work on social media. As social media are overloaded with video content, it requires a whole lot of finesse and strategy to figure out how to get the message across. If you just have a simple message to deliver, getting to the point straight away is often the best way to go.
Let’s be honest, the human attention span isn’t what it used to be – and certainly not long enough to be entertained by sluggish content. If you already know your audience, it often comes down to that instant “hook”. It might be a cliché, but “short, sweet and to the point” sometimes works wonders – and with that right amount of humour and entertainment that compels audience but doesn’t compromise your brand and cloud the message.


5: It could be affordable

Don’t spend more than you can afford. You don’t need a massive budget or top- notch production team to create an engaging video that effectively represents your brand, makes an impression and builds an emotional connection with your audience. If it’s a good idea, the execution doesn’t have to cost the earth. That being said, the goal is to hit the sweet spot between expectations and budget.

6: It could be animated

Sometimes, the real world doesn’t cut it and you have to move beyond to get your message reach the audience effectively – to make a real impact and a more lasting and memorable impression of your brand. An animated film allows you to market yourself in a more creative form; to design and build a “reality” that’s completely customized to your wildest imagination. Besides, it’s easier to update content as animation films don’t require reshoots and pick-ups.


And then, there’s the end note

Remember that balance is key. Not all of the above mentioned “parameters” needs to be fulfilled in one video (hence the use of the modal verb “could”). It all boils down to who you are and how you want to market yourself to the world; what you have to offer; what type of people you are trying reach; expectations and budget.