Let Me Pick Your Brain: A Pocket Size SoMe Marketing Handbook

By Casper Nielsen
Creative Copycat at Frankly

5 quickies for our in-house campaign manager and social media techie, Alexander Sund-Nielsen.

Hands down, what is the most underrated social media platform for marketing?
They all serve a different purpose! (and mixing them to hit your target market at the right time with the right message is key to success). It also depends on your market – in Denmark, Twitter is still relatively new territory for businesses, which gives you a lot of ad impressions for your bucks.

Dream big or play it safe?
When it comes to social media marketing, you rarely know the exact right answer before you start. And even if you think you do, you are often proven wrong. The best thing about social media marketing is the ability to constantly test different solutions and getting immediate data to provide you with the answers.

Dream big in your goals, but when it comes to execution, playing it safe and letting the data speak for you is the best way to go.



Time to confess: Which common social media marketing trend doesn’t make any sense to you?
Companies who don’t consider their re-targeting strategy or add some thought to it. I get frustrated when I see ads for products that I already bought or just have zero relevance to me.

Finish this sentence: The most important learning to take away from an online campaign is…
Who your customers are. Social media is unique in its ability to connect you with your audience and give you useful and valuable insights that, if you listen, can bring you closer to your customers.

The #1 reason why companies should outsource social media?
Because the digital marketing world moves at dangerous speeds. If you work in a job that doesn’t allow you to pay attention to trends, use data to test your ideas and constantly stay on the beat, then you won’t be able to take advantage of everything social media marketing has to offer. In that case, you are better off outsourcing to someone who lives and breathes social media marketing and can react to improve your campaigns when needed. Your digital campaigns are dynamic – they are not static bus benches.