After All, What Would Be Left If All Was Done Right (to Perfection)?

By Casper Nielsen
Creative penman at Frankly

6 things to strive for when perfect is not an option.

If things could ever be done to sheer perfection, there would be no room for improvement. No room for development. There would be no more motivation to carry on because everything after that point would be a step-down.

What a horror scenario.

Luckily – and I believe this down to the core of my bones – there’s no such thing as perfect. The perfect meal, the perfect haircut, the perfect business strategy or the perfect piece of advice. These don’t exist. Obviously, there’s the perfect score and the perfect grade. But there’s no perfect effort. No perfect performance. Even a top-rated performance can be improved. It’s that simple.

“Perfect” may exist as a concept that urges us to keep trying to better ourselves, but it doesn’t exist as a state of being. Striving for the perfect outcome or result will only paralyse you. So, remove perfect from the equation. Rather today than tomorrow. Perfect should never be the goal. Progress should.

The good news: There are options much more advantageous for you to pay attention to and strive for when dealing with a task or a project. Here are six of them.

1: Be you.
Don’t imitate your heroes. Develop your own qualities, your sound and style and your way of doing things.

2: Set relevant goals.
Nobody’s expecting perfection anyway. Instead, set goals that follow the task in front you (and the people involved).

3: Do your best.
Make your utmost effort. What more can you really do? Trust that your skills are able to fulfil the task.

4: Make progress.
According to a famous maxim, there’s always room for improvement. Embrace this. If you are able to improve, you make progress. And progress is key.

5: Accept good.
Voltaire once observed, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” In other words, instead of pushing yourself to an impossible perfect, and thus getting nowhere, learn to be satisfied with good.

6: Get it done.
Going for perfect will only stop you from getting the job done. It’s that simple. Going fast certainly doesn’t mean you have to be sloppy.