Social media

The greatest potential
and the largest headache

For many brands, social media is both the greatest opportunity and the greatest headache. There is a wide consensus about the opportunities social media represents for brands when it comes to building a relevant digital presence. But due to the nature of media like Facebook and Snapchat, it is almost unnatural to navigate on social media for some companies.

Activity on social media exhibits your corporate personality. It takes courage to be ‘someone’ that your customers want to be in the room with. If you portray a perfect image of your company, it will appear fake to the users. Are you too planned, it seems mechanic. And if you are only sharing content from your other marketing efforts they see right through it and scroll right past you.

Frankly, along with many different types of companies, has managed to build a relevant presence on social media. We can help you with the initial analysis and strategy. And we can help with the operation of your channels with continuous copy and content production.

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