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Marketing director
with digital dreams?

The requirements for campaigns have undoubtedly changed. The basic ingredients still consist of things like a clear strategy, understanding your audience and ultimately the brilliant, obvious idea.

From here, the image becomes a bit blurry. Should we go all-in on YouTube? How do we hook up to social mechanisms? How do we exploit our database of users the best way possible? How do we scale our project in the best way for all our active channels? And how can we use data to improve its performance?

And the questions are relevant. Because the time when three posters and an expensive film solved your problems across all channels, is over. Today, your marketing campaign ends up as permanent content – with thousands of monthly users that require your attention.

Digital influence

Frankly advises and develops campaigns for Danish and international brands, and we execute to the relevant channels. And we always aim for the highest creative level – even when it comes to our clients within the FMCG, Editorial, Pharma and Finance.

Do you feel like a San Pellegrino and a chat about your next campaign? Then contact us here.

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