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untapped potential

Countless PowerPoint decks are filled with forward-thinking strategies that have the potential to create direction and growth. However, it’s rare to have one strategy that is fully developed, before work on the next one begins.

A strategy often cycles around the upper layer of an enterprise, and at one point it matures enough to be rolled out. Here, we are hit by a depressing statistic: 80% of strategies remain in the upper layers of the companies without ever being rooted into the rest of the organization.

Frankly works closely with the communications departments in some of the largest Danish and global companies in an attempt to anchor their strategies widely among employees. From the factory worker in South America – over to the crew on the container ship in ZUS and the country manager who prepares his town hall – to the film that unfolds the vision and is followed by goosebumps.




Think of employees
as important customers

Besides the conceptual work we do to humanize words like simplification, ease of business and sustainability, we have a broad portfolio of turnkey solutions that ensure your strategy gets the attention it deserves, in any desired part of the business.

Would you like a cup of coffee and discuss your strategy anchoring, contact us here.


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