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Film, communication
and advice

For many years, Frankly Film has worked with some of Denmark’s largest companies. We generally use the film medium to convey internal messaging for top management and communications departments.

In order to achieve the best results, we are part of the process all the way. In other words, we’re not ‘just’ making films. We advise on effective communication – whether it is the quarterly accounts, the new strategy or something else to be communicated.

Seen in this light, expertise and flexibility melt together with Frankly Film in many ways – and should you face an ‘urgent task’, we are able to record, cut and deliver a talking heads movie within a day’s time.

Animation films, common crafts
and explainer videos

Animated films go by many names. Whether we call them common crafts, explainer videos or simply animations is not important. The important thing is that they can convey your messages in a simple, engaging and easy to understand way. Often with the twinkle in the eye that is so important in the battle for viewers’ attention.

Frankly Film has a dedicated animation team, which – based on your brief – advise on the choice of film, write storylines, draw storyboards and animate the final film – always in close dialogue with you and your company.

Would you like a cup of coffee and discuss your options with film and animation? Then contact us here.

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