Race to the top


Question: how do you create a campaign that comes up with the goods, when everyone is communicating the same USPs and fighting for the same space? Answer: by racing rally cars.

Sort of.

Henkel’s TEROSON® – the driving (lol) brand for adhesive solutions in Original Equipment Manufacturer vehicle repair and maintenance, among other industries – asked us for campaign tag lines and a visual concept for their Collision Repair ‘hero’ applications (as well as a new Brand Guide for the entire TEROSON® brand across all different application areas, but that’s another story).

The ultimate target in collision repair is to get the vehicle as close as possible to its original shape and structure. Luckily for us, TEROSON® has a product that does this, and better than its competitors.

We created a simple, overarching narrative, focusing on where TEROSON® really does stand out from the crowd, and fed this into a short film: The Collision Repair Race. The classic two-car race, with the evil machinations of the baddie being no match for TEROSON®’s One-System for seam-sealing.

Take a look. It's pretty fun – and it did earn us a Platinum prize in the Digital Marketing & Communication Campaigns category at the 2023 dotCOMM Awards.

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