Vi er dem, der leverer det du har brug for
og ikke nødvendigvis det, du beder om.

  • Spis Hund

    Figures on dices are so last year.

  • 2harmonica
  • 3typestaches

    1 wife, 54 fish, 23 flies, 12 rabbits, 3 cats, 2 kids with lice, 1 budgerigar, 2 dogs

  • Clips

    Red clips are better at changing SIM cards than regular ones

  • pipe

    This is the pipe we want!

  • Garfield

    If you like this one,
    we guess you are from the 80's

  • Lasergun

    Best weapon on space attack trips!

  • Gnu
  • The dogs in Siberia are the world’s fastest. It’s because there is extremely far between each tree. (The jokes are only getting worse)

  • 9kagemandogkone

    Fake cookies for fast weight loss

  • 10kukkuk

    Always on time with our fancy wrist watches

  • Indianer

    Battle commanders “You are fired”

  • Indianer

    Indians have feathers and fashion colored clothes, just as designers. "Uhh don’t hurt me, I’m special"

  • Cowboys

    Developers – always ready to shoot you in the back

  • Cavallery

    Cavalrymen are like project managers. “Look at me, I have a suit on!” (Please buy them something nice)

  • Mexicans

    Copywriters are as lazy as Mexicans! Give them a bonfire and they will calm down.

  • Filmers

    Photographers are as lazy as copywriters but with dignity. They don’t have guns, only sticks.

  • Nintendo

    Two of us have this model at home! We like Super Mario 3

  • Frankly shillings

    Frankly shillings

  • Pencil
  • Postcard
  • Tennis

    Frank is
    the champ

  • PSP

    We got 7 of these

  • Apples

    We prefer apples

  • Tandex

    Guaranteed clean pork brushes

  • FRANKLY EQUALS SUCCESS! - Winnings from Frankly people

    Danish soccer champion ´94
    Paperboy of the year ´95
    Series 5, group 1 in SBU ´04
    Speed Chess Champion ´89
    Drawing competition SD BANK ´86
    60 metres – Gold medal 3 years in a row
    Frankly foosball champ
    McDonalds Employee of the Month
    68 DKK betting win
    2 bottles of wine
    Danish Champion 60´s rock
    Frankly of the year
    Bornholm champion halfpipe ´01
    Pasta eating competition
    James Bond game for Commodore 64 (tape)
    Most innovative photographer

  • Tie

    Tie of the month

  • Mickey
  • 66% trust the printer

  • Golf
  • Shoe

    The average Frankly runs
    5 km in 24 minutes

  • Walkies Talkies

    We’ve all got phones by now so we don’t use walkies anymore
    Buy these for only
    100 kr. They´re in
    mint condition

  • Dukkebarn
  • Designelev

    Two students
    have graduated at Frankly:
    Jakob D.J
    Mikkel I.J

  • Halfpipe

    Half pipe champ by crashing two times on the hip and doing some kick turns. Quite impressive!!

  • Headset

    Cathrine´s top 5
    1. I bet that you look - Arctic Monkeys
    2. Kiss kiss kiss - Broken hearts
    3. Wannabe - Spice girls (Yeah!)
    4. Perfect stranger - Magnectic man feat. KB
    5. Baby Boombox - The Hancuffs

  • Horse

    If we had a horse

    47% would dress it up
    43% would choose a nice business suit
    29% would choose 100% wool
    14% would choose jogging clothes
    14% would dress it up as a hamster

  • 3D goggles

    Edith’s top 5 most hated things
    1. Darkness
    2. Brøndby IF
    3. Adam Sandler
    4. Yellow Curry
    5. DSB

  • Balls
  • VHS

    Martin Nord recommends Tod Brownings ‘Freaks’

  • Scissor

    Rather a large scissor, than a small one

  • Marx
  • Keys

    Come get your keys someone!!!


    “Hvor er min cykel??”
    Nicolai Wichmann

    “Jeg vil ikke kysse Tom Hanks, han har AIDS!”
    Daniel Peulicke Hansen

    “I regn & slud, fakturaen skal ud!”
    Frank Thomsen

  • Wallet

    This is over the top!
    A real burning wallet!

  • Phone

    Another Top 5
    1. Adam Sandler
    2. Bacon
    3. Mosquito spray
    4. Soccer + sofa
    5. Hindbærsnitter

  • Frankly Font Test - Only 20 % of us could read this
  • Coffee

    We drink 51 cups of coffee every day

  • Pigs

    Most Franklys think that 30 loose pigs would make the day more inefficient than fresh fruit would.

  • Cow
  • Cockhorse

    1 of us would dress the horse as a rooster

  • frankly

    Jakob Eriksen won this for being the most frankly of all Franklys

  • Scootertail

    The remains from several e-scooter crashes. Leather and rubber.

  • 33% of us, can´t multitask
  • Heavy Jig

    Heavy Jig!
    It’s a beautiful dance everyone wants to learn. At Frankly the average learning time is 67 days

  • Frog Fred

    The actor Frog Fred ate too much. His show got cancelled

  • Movies we like

    Apocalypse Now, Vertigo, The Ice Storm, Spirited Away, Blade Runner, Det perfekte menneske, Riget, Apocalypse Now, City of Ember, Dont Look Now, The Bourne Ultimatum, Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather, 2012, Aliens, Titanic, The 5th Element, Star Trek, The Dark Knight, Where the Wild Things Are, The Elephant Man, The Lord of the Rings, Dumb and Dumber, Ponyo on the Cliff, Wild Hogs, Police Academy 1, 2 and 3, Donnie Darko, The Bear, Hellzapoppin, La Belle et la Bête, My Own Private Idaho

  • 54repearationskit

    The ultimate hangover kit

  • Arrow with rubber head
  • Bat
  • Copywriter tool

    The best way to become a
    copywriter is:

  • Cookies

    Maersk cookies

  • Snake
  • Cool Wrist Watches

    Don´t underestimate the power of cool wrist watches

  • If our skin was fur!

    Then cheetah fur
    would be prefered!

  • Elk